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8. What are the main expenses of the business (please list any recurring expenses that account for more than 1% of overall revenue) Web hosting and processing fees.

9. What is the approximate breakdown of clients by different price levels? $59,99 package – 40% $19,99 package – 35% $114,99 package – 10% other – 15% 10.

If necessary, do you have tax returns available to support your revenue claims? No. 11.

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What contributed to the higher than usual revenue rise in October 2015 and February 2016? There was two time when Appmia app was listed at the Google Play store and time from time app got a good positions in the store by relevant keywords like “spy what’s up, spy viber” etc. but it was banned twice, like another my competitors.

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So it’s a reason why traffic and revenue rise happened. As I see from now, there are available a new clever way how to get back to the Google Play store, but I am not implemented it yet. 12. What’s under Marketing Costs.

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and satellite websites. 13. Is the business paying out any salaries? OPERATIONS and MAINTENANC.

1. Please provide a breakdown of ownership and the organizational structure of the business. Ioanna – owner (100%): general tasks, content writing, support Robert – technical support, software development and update.

2. Please provide a breakdown of the operations of your business Support – phone, email or chat support – 30 hours/week General tasks/business development – 20 hours/week – payment questions – competitors monitoring – content writing Technical support – 10 hours/week All the other technical work – 10 hours/week. 3.

Does the owner of the site need any specific skillsets in order to successfully maintain and manage the site? Only the organisational and marketing skills. 4. How do you handle customer support and how to spy on phone what is the average volume? Email, Zopim live chat and phone. Over 50 contacts/day. 5. Do you employ any people or use any freelancers and if so, are such contracts accounted for on the Profit and Loss Statement and transferable to the new owner? We are working in team of 2 people, the team will not be transferred to the new owner.

6. How much would it cost to the buyer to outsource all of software development, and will you be able to make the necessary introductions? It is depends on programmer’s salary, we will make all the necessary introductions. 7. Are there any skills / knowledge required to successfully run this business? If so, please explain. Only the organisational and marketing skills.

1. What programming language is the website�s product created in? PHP, Yii framework. 2. Does the product require constant updating? No, if no new feature planned. 3. When was the last time the source code was updated? How often do you release updates? Last time �June 2016, we release updates almost every month. 4. Does the product depend on any third party services or API�s? If so, how often are such API�s updated and how much overhead does this create? No. 5. Where is the site hosted and does this need to change after purchase? Amazon/Hetzner/Bahnhof. No need to change, all the hosting accounts will be transferred to the new owner.